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18 August 2022 y.
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Posting Terms

The letter is written and posted by you on the site for the sole purpose of creating an Orthodox family (or in search of Orthodox friends). not sure if you have another goal - please use other dating sites.

Your letter is placed on the site automatically, immediately after sending. Unfortunately, the length of the letter is limited to 3000 characters (for security reasons) If you want to place a more voluminous letter - send it to the site administrator by e-mail to: hope07@ukr.net. Although with a slight delay (1-2-3 days), but it will be published in full.

You can post up to 4 letters per month (one every Sunday).

Guaranteed letter placement period - half a year.

Letter ID: this is the full date of its publication and section. N / a: 29-01-2017 17:18:54 - Letters from men. A convenient way to get it is to click on the date of that letter. The date with the title of the section will be copied to the clipboard.

If you want to add a photo to a letter that you have already published, make changes to the text of the letter posted on the site - write to the administrator, specifying the ID list.

There is only one way to delete your email from the site - write to the administrator, specifying the ID of the email. N / A: delete my email 29- 01-2017 17:18:54 - Letters of men

No advertising - one of the main principles of the policy of the site "Hope". Therefore, the site is FORBIDDEN to use links.

We reserve the right to remove spam, "anthropological", secular, advertising letters, and not compatible with Christian morality, at least with from the point of view of the site administration.

Of course, the sole responsibility for the content of the messages lies with the author and only the author.

Add photo - how to do it

We can add one of your photos to your already published letter, if you send it to us, specifying the ID of the letter. N / A: Add photo to my letter 29-01-2017 17:18:54 - Women`s letters.

Unfortunately, from the practice of the site, should note the decent photos.

It is desirable that the size of the photo file does not exceed 2 megabytes.

If you want to add your photo to your letter, send the file to the administrator, specifying the section, date and time of publication, name and your email address.

For example: «add photo to letter in search of wife 06-01-2019 13:48:21»

Site Authors Views

Since the Lord God allowed the Internet to exist, we believe that Orthodox Christians may be able to make acquaintances through modern means of communication. `tongue.

The author of the idea of the site herself faced, at one time, the dominance, inappropriateness of advertising and the difficulties of registration, even on Orthodox dating sites. There is no registration and advertising on the Nadiya website at all.


Christians don`t seem to need to be reminded, but experience requires prompting. Make sure you do not offend anyone in your letter?

If you have already given grades in your letter to anyone, you can get the same, or even more severe assessment to yourself Also avalanche-like. Avoid estimates.

Although most do, we strongly recommend that you avoid sharing your phone with you. If, of course, your peace is dear to you. Use an e-mail box. And when you establish contact in correspondence - then you exchange phones.

Please note: there are different people on the Internet, as well as in life ... We urge the same: show Christian tolerance for the weaknesses of others. Pray for such (such).

If you find ugliness on the site - be tolerant. We will, of course, "correct" the ugliness.


It is FORBIDDEN to place any advertising!


FORBIDDEN in the sections of discussion letters, feedback! Immediately such messages will be deleted, and you will be banned.

NO use of links, no advertising - one of the main principles of the policy of the site "Hope".

Writing and posting order

Fill in the fields of the letter form:

1. In the field "Your name" I enter my name - no more than 50 characters, including spaces. Your name will be placed at the bottom right, below your letter

2. Only if you want, specify the area of your residence, selecting the desired from the list

3. Enter your email address to contact you.

   We highly recommend that you enter your email address and

   We do not recommend publishing your phone number if you value your privacy and peace day and night. Unfortunately, people on the Internet are different ... ... ... but then at your discretion.

   We are against you pointing to social networks as a single contact - not everyone wants to use them

   In any case, be sure to indicate how to contact you to those who will read your letter on the site. The Nadiya website is not a place for correspondence. We do not have a "wall". Correspondence is prohibited on the pages of the site. Violators will be banned.

4. Type the text of your letter.

5. Specify the purpose of placement of your letter (choose a heading)

6. Confirm your intentions

7. Check the correctness of the information entered

8. Тисніть «Розмістити цього листа на сайті»

   A window with a preview of your letter will appear. Check if you want to?

9. If all is well - click "Publish". If you want to make changes or refuse to publish - click "Back"

If the publication is successful - your letter will immediately appear on the site and you will see it in the appropriate section.

Be sure to include how to contact you
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