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30 June 2016 year
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1 July 2016 year
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Orthodoxy in Ukraine

The World to you, dear brothers and sisters!

We welcome you on the Ukrainian orthodox Site of acquaintances " Hope ".

Here it is possible to publish the message independently. Not the questionnaire, and the letter. the Unique condition: we reserve the right to itself to delete incorrect in relation to christianity of the letter.

Certainly, everyone can will familiarize with letters of others in hope to find related soul.

Registration on a site no. It was the requirement of the initiator of creation of this resource. She is tired from registration, an abundance society and alien to the Christian, the information... Even on sites of orthodox acquaintances, let alone others.

We a youngish site. But already we borrow first places in a rating of Orthodox christianity . And further we shall make efforts, that as much as possible people have learned about this site and as small as possible there were on him advertising.

Of course, that is responsible for the content of the messages of the author, and not of the site. Unfortunately need to call for vigilance. As in any acquaintance, you have to be careful, even in the Orthodox site! Unfortunately ... Recommend that you read the reviews, the experience of other Orthodox Christians in the forum. Especially those who are just starting their online dating service.

The responses, the organizations of job of a site, leave please in the Guest book

Remarks, wishes send to the address:

With hope that we shall help you , administration of a site

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